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The performance of wind turbines in an urban environment is considered using Gaussian statistics and the application of the Weibull distribution. Two models that employ a novel approach to achieve a very high resolution evaluation of turbine output power. The models only require the mean wind speed and standard deviation over observation windows of 10 min to evaluate turbine power. The urban terrain and the associated morphological complexities therein, present significant challenges for the deployment of small wind turbines. In particular, a considerable amount of uncertainty is attributable to the lack of understanding concerning how turbulence within urban environments affects turbine productivity. Ultimately, the two models presented afford an opportunity to provide an indicative real-world wind speed distribution based on the two standard measurements. Such Gaussian modelling has potential however, for disproportionately high and asymptotic TI, associated, for example, with gusting within low mean wind speed observation windows.

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Furthermore, the approach requires an accurate turbine power curve. The second approach overcomes these limitations through the novel application of the Weibull Distribution, a widely accepted means to probabilistically describe wind speed. Both models are tested at an urban and suburban location in Dublin City, Ireland, where sonic anemometry is positioned at approximately 1. 5 times the average height of buildings at the respective locations. Both observation sites represent two distinct urban landscapes. The instrumentation is positioned specific to their surrounding locations and, record the three dimensional wind vectors at a temporal resolution of 10 Hz.

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