Long lost friend book pdf

Hugh Conway is a member of the British diplomatic service. People there live a very long time. One theme of the book is the possibility of another world war and war preparations. This was actually happening at long lost friend book pdf time.

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The book describes how war on the ground would move into the air. Life and all special things could be lost, even history. Maybe Shangri-la would protect these important things for later when the world was tired of war. That was the real purpose of the city. This strongly affected his emotions. He was exhausted and felt older than he really was. The origin of the eleven numbered chapters of the novel is explained in two opening and closing sections.

The topic of Hugh Conway comes up in conversation. Conway had amnesia, but recovered his memory. He told Rutherford his story, then disappeared again. Rutherford wrote down Conway’s story and gave it to the neurologist. That story became the main part of the novel. British missionary, Miss Brinklow are in an airplane.

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