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Flextone User’s Manual, Version 1. 1998, Fast Forward Designs, Inc. All other product trademarks are property of their respective owners. I don’t need no stinking manual! 1 NTRODUCTION Register And Get Great Free Stuff!

ANUAL T NEED NO STINKING MANUAL 1. Line 6 products and technologies. The Line 6 web site is going to grow, because it is one of the most effective ways for us to bring you what you need. Through the internet, we can give you instant access to all kinds of great, free stuff to make your Flextone ever more powerful. A guitar pickup output, after all, is an electronic signal, and tubes are really just a complex form of signal processing. Having sussed it all out, the Line 6 engineers were then able to apply their digital expertise to develop software which simulates the tube and other circuitry’s signal processing entirely within the digital domain. 1 If you haven’t already done so, turn to the inside back cover of this manual and notice that it folds out.

Each page typically has words that appear in the bottom of the display. This is a new, i am hoping someone can help me ? Using routing setting 2, am caught between emergency call and first page with my picture. Connect it to the PODxt Live’s rear panel Variax jack; fangled delay dreamed up by the free thinking sound design crew here at Line 6. POD XT LIVE Guitar pdf manual download.

Page 12 Tuesday, September 8, 1998 10:31 AM RAND RONT ANEL ONTROLS switched on and off when you hold the Tap Tempo button. The detail is in the Tap Tempo section that begins on the opposite page. As you do this, the Channel B light comes on if you turn the Drive Boost on. This connection is for the Flextone Cab or other 8W speaker cabinet only. 2×12″ closed- back cabinet loaded with a pair of custom 12-inch speakers, specially designed by Line 6 for use with the Flextone HD. Connect one or more Flextone Cab 212S cabinets to the HD as described in the oft-promised Chapter 7. Originally a bass guitar amp, the Bassman became a Blues staple for 6-string guitarists.