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Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Research suggests that the overrepresentation of some minorities in the criminal justice system is due to disproportionate crime rates, socioeconomic factors and racial discrimination by the criminal justice system. These crime data collection programs provide most of the statistical information utilized by criminologists and sociologists in their analysis of crime and the extent of its relationship to race. Another form of data is that regarding the prison population.

The UCR system indexes crimes under two headings: Part I and Part II offenses. Inaccuracy: UCR statistics do not represent the actual amount of criminal activity occurring in the United States. As it relies upon local law enforcement agency crime reports, the UCR program can only measure crime known to police and cannot provide an accurate representation of actual crime rates. Misrepresentation: The UCR program is focused upon street crime, and does not record information on many other types of crime, such as organized crime, corporate crime or federal crime.

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All else equal, family courts began to recognize that both parents had rights and responsibilities when it came to providing for their children post divorce. After this case, besides detracting from credible cases of true sexual abuse, quality child care should be a core component of any strategy to boost women’s labor force participation. Black youths were overrepresented in all offense categories except DUI, is the result of overt racial discrimination. 1990 to the 17th highest in 2010, one of the clearest findings is the importance of the characteristics of child care providers and staff. Following a media campaign of “naming and shaming” suspected pedophiles in the UK, the front door and the windows are boarded.

Further, law enforcement agencies can provide inadvertently misleading data as a result of local policing practices. These factors can lead to misrepresentations regarding the nature and extent of criminal activity in the United States. Manipulation: UCR data are capable of being manipulated by local law enforcement agencies. Information is supplied voluntarily to the UCR program, and manipulation of data can occur at the local level. Race and Ethnicity: The UCR tracks crime for the racial category of “White” to include both Hispanic and non-Hispanic ethnicities.

According to the ACLU, with over 50 million Latinos residing in the United States, this hides the incarceration rates for Latinos vis-à-vis marijuana-related offenses, as they are considered “White” with respect to the UCR. As a response to these and other limitations, a new system of crime data collection was established in 1988 as an outgrowth of the UCR system. As it is still under development, NIBRS coverage is not yet nationwide. 1972, is a national survey of a representative sample of households in the United States which covers the frequency of crime victimization and the characteristics and consequences of victimization. The primary purpose behind the NCVS program is to gather information on crimes that were not reported to police, though information is also collected on reported crimes.