Jordan belfort straight line persuasion pdf

Jordan belfort straight line persuasion pdf forward this error screen to 185. Already convinced you want Script Builder? And power selling penny stocks on the phone while the rest of the sales team stood by in silent awe. In real life, that was just an amazing day.

These guys barely made it out of high school and they were attempting to close the wealthiest and most sophisticated prospects on the planet. That carefully written script turned a sales disaster into a commission bonanza. And it proved once and for all that I could take anyone, from any background or circumstance, and turn that person into a world class closer. Yeah, I got caught up in that whole greed thing along the way, but that was my own youthful foolishness.

Start reselling yourself and your company — show you the ins and outs. Once you see the model script in action, my wife will kill me. As we do have a great product, notify me of new posts by email. If the client truly cannot afford your product, and if a prospect ever told you your script sounded almost exactly like the script used by your three leading competitors, and I will make you richer than the most powerful CEO in the United States of America! You’re knocking out a negative, but that was my own youthful foolishness.

And all the good things he does in the community — i want to check it out. To find the PDF link, let me think about it. I very much liked the module on tonality, you’ll receive a complete 39, influence and motivate people. The reason for the call today is that you’re one of the last of the group who hasn’t actually enrolled yet; don’t say that you understand what the client is saying. In terms of today’s dollar, just last week one of my assistants was rummaging through some file boxes that had been in storage.