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Bischof Ulfilas erklärt den Goten das Evangelium. Introduction to the history of christianity tim dowley pdf, into the Gothic language.

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Goths, and Ulfilas may have been born into captivity or made captive when young. He knew that the ancestors of Ulfilas had also come from Cappadocia, a region with which the Gothic community had always maintained close ties. Ulfilas’s parents were captured by plundering Goths in the village of Sadagolthina in the city district of Parnassus and were carried off to Transdanubia. This supposedly took place in 264. Raised as a Goth, he later became proficient in both Greek and Latin. There are five primary sources for the study of Ulfilas’s life.

There are significant differences between the stories presented by the two camps. The Arian sources depict Ulfilas as an Arian from childhood. He was then consecrated as a bishop around 340 and evangelized among the Goths for seven years during the 340s. He later attended several councils and engaged in continuing religious debate.

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