International trade feenstra 2nd edition pdf

We estimate impact of ISO 9000 on cross-border trade. We surmount methodological challenges: measurement, varied effects and endogeneity. We use instrumental variable, multilateral resistance and panel data techniques. We find common-language international trade feenstra 2nd edition pdf quality-signaling effects to augment trade.

We find many developing nations to loose exports due to worldwide standardization. We find evidence of common-language and quality-signaling augmenting country-pair trade. Yet, ISO-rich nations benefit the most from standardization, while ISO-poor nations find ISO 9000 to represent a trade barrier due to compliance-cost effects. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Claudia Baldermann and Jennifer Rontganger provided excellent research assistance. All remaining errors, however, are our own. Aim of this paper is to illustrate the objects and relation between strategic trade policy and free trade by giving some theoretical results on the international trade.

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