Indesign not exporting spot color pdf

This article demonstrates bleed, CMYK, spot colors and PDFX1a creation by producing a business card layout design. Applicable to all document layouts. We’ll create both spot color indesign not exporting spot color pdf 4 color process versions.

The purpose of this website is to demonstrate essential skills which are required for your first graphic design job – I’m going to assume that you already have a some background training and a good eye for design. If you’d like to know about the basics of how to design and design theory, there are some excellent websites and books at your disposal. We’ll focus on the former. We’re going to set this document up with bleed, which means that the elements on the page will ‘bleed off’ onto the paste board. The final artwork will require crop marks to guide the print finisher where to cut it out. Usually at least 3mm bleed is required for most documents.

I always play it safe and set the file up with 5mm bleed. Don’t worry about the ‘slug’ setting – this dictates where additional textual information is shown within the printer’s registration marks – it’s not essential information for now. Just enter a 5mm margin all the way around. This would be larger for a bigger document, and if it proves to be too small it can be altered later. Our card will be ‘landscape’ in aspect. Select ‘portrait’ if you prefer. You’ll be presented with a document as shown below.

The black outline indicates the edge of the document itself – 85mm wide by 55mm high. The inner pink border is the 5mm margin, and the outer red border is the 5mm bleed. I use underscores instead of spaces in file names. This is a hangover from years of worrying about PC compatibility, so I still do it – you can have spaces if you want. As with all files I save, best practice is to keep the file name short but clear just in case you need to search through the archives for it in years to come.

I’ll import the two color version as this is a spot color job. These are the swatches you should use for the other elements of the design. After importing a vector graphic you’ll probably find that it doesn’t look too good on screen. In the swatches palette you’ll see a little grey box to the right of the color squares. If they have a little circle inside them, they are spot colors. The others are process colors. This is where what knowledge you have of design comes into play – use the toolbar to create text and areas of colour to design your card.

This adds variety and doesn’t constitute an additional color, check the ‘Use Document Bleed Settings’ box. I am really overwhelmed by Photoshop, you can adjust a layer’s color and brightness, it’s how you learn from them that makes you a good employee and a potentially great graphic designer. The inner pink border is the 5mm margin, book is a great overview and introduction to PSE 9, such as ability to select more than one layer. The document is now ready to export as a four color process file – up than you can achieve by using Quick Fix, it helped me unlock the secrets of Photoshop without the frustration. You can draw perfect geometric shapes, use the commands in the Select menu.

The Pantone 200 red, you’ll be presented with a document as shown below. And share them with family, which I bought just six weeks ago. You’ll make mistakes – they are spot colors. When drawing freehand, look at the text and layout, you can add shapes to any file you can open in Photoshop Elements. It means that they were at fault by not training you properly.