Hybrid model of land use pdf

In order to realise sustainable urban transport, it is necessary to combine different kinds of decision-hybrid model of land use pdf, including vision-led, plan-led and consensus-led approaches. In this paper, a cross-assessment model that supports both vision-led and consensus-led approaches is proposed as an analytical tool for developing sustainable urban transport and land use strategies for a low-carbon society. The analytical results show that three value factors related to efficiency, equity and the environment do not necessarily conflict with each other. A cross-assessment model for sustainable urban transport and land use strategies.

Efficiency, equity and the environment do not necessarily conflict with each other. 2012 Published by Elsevier Ltd. International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences. Investigate a novel hybrid model based on ANFIS-FFA for river streamflow forecasting. Examine the hybrid model on a highly stochastic streamflow in tropical environment. Conduct the modeling with less input variables and higher performance accuracy.

In conclusion, ANFIS-FFA hybrid model exhibits a sophisticated outcome. The proposed method is a novel combination of the ANFIS model with the firefly algorithm asĀ an optimizer tool to construct a hybrid ANFIS-FFA model. The historical monthly streamflow data for Pahang River, which is a major river system in Malaysia that characterized by highly stochastic hydrological patterns, is used in the study. Sixteen different input combinations with one to five time-lagged input variables are incorporated into the ANFIS-FFA and ANFIS models to consider the antecedent seasonal variations in historical streamflow data. The results also show that the ANFIS-FFA is not only superior to the ANFIS model but also exhibits a parsimonious modelling framework for streamflow forecasting by incorporating a smaller number of input variables required to yield the comparatively better performance. ANFIS model for extremely low flows.

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