How to insert pdf into an excel sheet

Attach files to Excel worksheets using the Insert How to insert pdf into an excel sheet feature. Why Can’t I Insert a File in Microsoft Excel? When you insert an object into an Excel file, such as a PDF file, Word document or an email message, you can access it more easily during a meeting or share more comprehensive information when you send the spreadsheet to a co-worker. When you attach an object this way, you can add all the content of an existing file, include a clickable icon linked to the file, or create a brand new file and then embed it in your Excel worksheet.

Click inside the cell of the spreadsheet where you want to insert the object. Click “Object” in the Text group to open the Object dialog box. Select the “Create From File” tab. Click the “Browse” button and locate the file you want to attach. Click the file to select it and click the “Insert” button. Select the “Link to File” check box if you want to embed the contents of the file in the worksheet. Select the “Create Icon” check box to insert an icon that links to the file.

Click “OK” to attach the file. Click the “Create New” tab. Choose the type of object you want to attach from the “Object Type” box. Depending on the type of object you select, either a program window opens or an editing window appears within Excel. Create the new file you want to insert.

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