How to insert a pdf file in poweroint

Drawin versus “coding” how to insert a pdf file in poweroint ? Computer scientists commonly write their papers in the typesetting software Latex. But it is free and a small communty is actively working on improving it.

But PDF and, i hope the export facility will improve over time. 5 months ago. EPS does not support transparent graphics, the closest I’ve come is to copy the figure into Power Point and them save the file as an . Saving your Inkscape drawings as EMF let you insert them again in Powerpoint, the 6 different line widths appear only with 2 different widths. Your problem with saving inkscape drawings as emf can be resolved.

But there is a long way to go. PDF version of their files. As common to Latex, the outcome is a nicely formatted document of slides with nicely formatted text. I personally find this procedure rather unattractive.

A presentation ought to support the speaker convey some message with the help of illustrations instead of presenting nicely formatted text which the presenter will anyway read to the audience. And Latex is not very well suited for drawing illustration. After all, Latex is a typewritting software, not a drawing program. To see the difference, imagine Leonardo da Vinci not using a pen for his drawings, but rather encoding his paintings in some long forgotten markup language.

Well, it really helps when you have the structure of your interest in front of your eyes even for code. Powerpoint makes it easy to quickly draw some arbitrary illustrations, which can be immediately used for presentations. Old versions of drawings can be kept in a separate file and can be quickly skimmed through like in a photoalbum. The program is shareware, but does not stop working after some specified time. Draw your illustrations in Powerpoint. Use them directly for presentations. Then use the program to save the file as EPS.

This procedure looks complicated, but actually works fine in practice unless you use Powerpoint 2007. Powerpoint 2007 prevents you from exporting detailed graphics to other programs. The following screen shot shows lines with 6 different line widths from 0. 5 pt in 3 different styles drawn in Powerpoint. Copying the graphics from Powerpoint 2003 into WMF2EPS or Word everything is fine and the resulting graphics look the same as above. However, when copying from Powerpoint 2007, the 6 different line widths appear only with 2 different widths.