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Life is busy and I’d generally gotten to the point where any programming I did was to do with something that others were asking me to do: give a technical presentation, write an article, consult with a start-up, deliver a course, or start another book. OK, but I was doing it to get to some end-point, not necessarily to have fun. I was programming because I had to. And then something wonderful happened.

Based on this, I thought Erlang interesting enough to explore it more and I’ve been learning Erlang for a number of months now. In fact, I’ve been programming in Erlang just for the heck of it! Nobody is asking me to write Erlang code. I’m also not writing the next-best killer Erlang application. And, I’ve not got some darn-hard problem that needs solving in Erlang. I’m simply programming in Erlang in my spare time and it’s fun.

Of course – me being me – I couldn’t resist the opportunity to tell others about my latest language “find”. So, when O’Reilly Media asked me if I wanted to do another webcast, I jumped at the chance. First, a quick overview of the new features in iOS 5. Newsstand support has the potential to change the publishing industry by providing a centralized place on the device and method of updating subscription type materials. Twitter integration is system wide now, and the new Reminders app is also really cool. It has geo-fencing for tasks, so you can set up a task that says “remember to take my shoes home from work” and when you leave that place, iOS will send you the reminder. What does iOS5 mean for Xcode?

Xcode has two major changes. First, there is now storyboarding support. That means that instead of creating each . A lot of the memory management work that we teach in the book has been automated.