Happy days are here again sheet music pdf

Winnie, buried to her waist, follows her daily routine and prattles to her husband, Willie, who is largely hidden and taciturn. Later, in Act II she is buried up to her neck, but continues to talk and remember happier days. Winnie is embedded waist-deep in a low mound under blazing happy days are here again sheet music pdf, with a large black bag beside her. She is awakened by a piercing bell and begins her daily routine with a prayer.

Talking incessantly to herself, she brushes her teeth, drinks the last of a bottle of tonic, and puts on her hat. She struggles to read the writing on the toothbrush. She awakens her husband Willie, who is hidden by the mound, and prattles to him. He occasionally responds with headlines from his newspaper, one of which reminds her of her first kiss. They both look at an apparently saucy postcard. Winnie explains that Willie’s listening enables her to go on talking, and is delighted when he responds even briefly to one of her many questions.

From her bag she pulls out a revolver, recalls how Willie asked her to take it away from him, and puts it on the ground beside her. She puts up a parasol to protect her from the sun, but it catches fire. She finds a music box in her bag, to which Willie briefly sings. Winnie files her nails and remembers the last people who passed, a Mr. She prepares her bag for the night and instructs Willie on how to crawl backwards into his hole. Winnie wishes that he would come round and live where she could see him better. Winnie is now embedded up to her neck, still wearing her hat, still with the bag and revolver beside her.

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