Happiness and the art of being pdf

Happiness is our true nature, our essential being. The transient happiness that happiness and the art of being pdf seem to derive from external experiences actually arises only from within ourself, and is experienced by us due to the temporary calming of our mind that occurs whenever any of our desires are fulfilled.

So long as our mind is extroverted, attending to anything other than our own essential self-conscious being, we can never experience perfect, permanent and unqualified happiness. Such is the truth revealed by Bhagavan Sri Ramana. The philosophy of Sri Ramana derives solely from his experience of true, absolute, non-dual self-knowledge, an experience that transcends all thought, both rational and irrational. However, since we imagine the existence of duality, multiplicity and relativity, we seem to lack the non-dual and absolute knowledge of our own essential self-conscious being that Sri Ramana experienced as his natural state.

Therefore he presented his philosophy to us in terms of a rational and logical analysis of our present experience of ourself as a finite individual consciousness, in order to enable us to be firmly convinced of the absolute reality that underlies and supports this finite consciousness that we now mistake to be ourself. However, the spiritual teachings of Sri Ramana are not only a rational philosophy, but are also a precise science and art. Though it is intended primarily to be an introduction to his teachings, it is not a brief one, because in a clear and simple manner it provides a very detailed and deep insight into their core. Therefore though it has been written with the intention that it should be easily understood even by readers who have no previous acquaintance with any form of spiritual philosophy, it should also be useful to readers who already have a good understanding of his teachings. I am’ in order to discover its true nature.

Tamil writings of Sri Ramana and of his foremost disciple, Sri Muruganar, in minute detail under the clear guidance of another close disciple, Sri Sadhu Om, and since the passing away of Sri Sadhu Om in 1985 he has continued to study and practise the spiritual path revealed by Sri Ramana. October 2007 both in India and in Canada. Likewise in India the first edition, which was printed twice, has been sold out, so I am now looking for a new publisher for an Indian publication of the second edition. Tamil and Sanskrit words in it, using diacritics to make it more precise, and added an explanation of my transliteration scheme and a detailed glossary. India I will provide information about it here. In this Kindle edition the transliteration table and the special Unicode characters used for Latin diacritics, Tamil and Devanagari characters will all display correctly in some Kindle readers but not others. However, this should not seriously affect its readability, because whenever any Latin diacritic does not display correctly, its non-diacritic equivalent should display instead.

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