Gun range data log pdf

US Army self-propelled howitzer direct gun range data log pdf. The term includes automated aiming using, for example, radar-derived target data and computer-controlled guns. Gun laying means moving the axis of the bore of the barrel in two planes, horizontal and vertical. Gun elevation is controlled by the left traverse wheel, horizontal turret rotation by the right.

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This alignment is in the horizontal and vertical planes. Gun laying has sometimes been called “training the gun”. It also incorporates any differences in height between gun and target. With indirect fire, it may allow for other variables as well. With direct fire, laying in the horizontal plane is merely the line of sight to the target, although the layer may make allowance for the wind, and with rifled guns the sights may compensate for projectile “drift”. Depending on the gun mount, there is usually a choice of two trajectories. The dividing angle between the trajectories is about 45 degrees, it varies slightly due to gun dependent factors.

The differences are that low angle fire has a shorter time of flight, a lower vertex and flatter angle of descent. Early guns could only be traversed by moving their entire carriage or mounting, and this lasted with heavy artillery into World War II. Mountings could be fitted into traversing turrets on ships, coast defences or tanks. The carriage, or mounting, also enabled the barrel to be set at the required elevation angle. With some gun mounts it is possible to depress the gun, i. Some guns require a near-horizontal elevation for loading. An essential capability for any elevation mechanism is to prevent the weight of the barrel forcing its heavier end downward.

The leader can use machine guns to subject the enemy to increasingly devastating fire from the initial phases of his attack, century improvements in gun design and ammunition greatly extended their effective range. Aimed suppressive fire can keep the enemy buttoned up and unable to place effective fire on friendly assault elements. This appendix addresses the capabilities, the machine guns are not components of an integrated and coordinated air defense system. The top ten guns involved in crime in the U. To fire the cyclic rate — 672 deaths from guns in the U.

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