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You’ll stop and think when I say this, but it’s true: Jeff Green is the smartest player I’ve ever coached. You would know this better than most: that’s a hell of a statement. 2006, Green played a pivotal role. 2007 season, Green hit game-winning shots in the final seconds of multiple games, including a game-winning shot against Vanderbilt in the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA Tournament. With the Hoyas down one, Green beat a double-team and hit a shot with 2. 5 seconds left in the game. In 2007, Green and teammate Roy Hibbert were unanimous selections to the All-Big East First Team.

Big East title since 1989. Green was named the 2007 Big East Player of the Year. Belmont and Boston College in the first two rounds. Green spent the next four summers taking classes at Georgetown and graduated with a degree in English with a minor in theology in 2012. Since the deal was not made prior to the 2:00 pm deadline, the Celtics chose Green for the Sonics’ with the fifth overall pick. After talks of a new arena in Seattle broke down, it was evident that a big change was coming. 5 assists and started 52 games.

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