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This article is about an implication of the Fermi paradox. The main counter-intuitive conclusion of this observation is that the easier it was for life to great ideas get no links pdf to our stage, the bleaker our future chances probably are. The idea was first proposed in an online essay titled “The Great Filter – Are We Almost Past It? The first version was written in August 1996 and the article was last updated on September 15, 1998.

Since that time, Hanson’s formulation has received recognition in several published sources discussing the Fermi paradox and its implications. Our planet and solar system, however, don’t look substantially colonized by advanced competitive life from the stars, and neither does anything else we see. To the contrary, we have had great success at explaining the behavior of our planet and solar system, nearby stars, our galaxy, and even other galaxies, via simple “dead” physical processes, rather than the complex purposeful processes of advanced life. Life is expected to expand to fill all available niches.

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