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Graphic design portfolio samples pdf page was last edited on 21 January 2018, at 20:01. Common Sense Tips for Graphic Design Employment. So you’ve got yourself a graphic design interview! How do you handle it?

Actually it’s all common sense. Keep confidence high, think about what they want to hear and know the job you are applying for! The Graphic Design Interview – How Best to handle It? How best to handle it?

Every employer has their own technique of determining what will make a good graphic designer – and who will make a good employee. I can only speak from my own experience – both of applying for jobs, and later of conducting interviews for my own studio. Even if you don’t get the job after doing well in your graphic design interview, if you used your common sense and went in with high confidence because you’d prepared well, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Be proud that you did your best, and don’t lose any sleep over it. On to the next graphic design interview. Good graphic design jobs don’t grow on trees. In my opinion a graphic design firm tends to work better as a small studio – lean and mean, so there are not many jobs available.