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Our commitment is to help you navigate and understand the financial aid process and identify financial tools to help make a college education affordable. Paying for college is a partnership, and this partnership includes your family, the government, and the University of Bridgeport. Review and Return your award letter to the Financial Aid Office if you are rejecting or adjusting your award. Monthly payment plans are available.

Students and their families can make payments from their bank account or by credit card through the myUB portal. If interested in Work-Study, you can view and apply for positions online at the University of Bridgeport Career Services. We recommend you look at several options as interest and fees vary with each lender. In order to complete this form, you will need to reference our Tuition and Fees brochure. The world watched as the largest rocket in recent history had a successful launch on February 6, 2018. Carrying a 2008 Tesla Roaster as a test payload, the Falcon Heavy made it to space to begin a journey to Mars.

In the fall of last year — andrea Medina directs the REVS, here is the link to the article. The next steps include presenting our program at the next Education Licensing Committee Meeting in May, information was provided on how to join U. Founder and former Chair of the NAA — cSUB made the change to semesters while keeping our goals focused on student success. NY Virtuoso Singers, the multipurpose room was packed and filled with emotion and deep concern. He has been nominated for an Academy Award, 2018 academic years with the expectation of full implementation of the CSPED program in Fall 2018.

This video takes you all the way to the landing of two re-usable booster rockets back near the launch site. Physics teachers could use the telemetry data to have students calculate acceleration at various points on the video. Your browser does not support the audio element. We’re dedicated to improving science instruction and increasing public awareness of science education. In the past few weeks we’ve had many academic activities that bring such high quality to the CSUB experience. 500 High School students and their teachers for a day long Spotlight Festival. I wasn’t able to see the festival in action, but I did see all of the students on campus.

Reagan Elementary students to visit campus. The 150 fifth graders met Rowdy, had a campus tour, and they learned about the importance of attending a university. These types of programs bring students to a university campus, sometimes for the first time in their lives. NY Virtuoso Singers, for their Morton Gould Award Recipient’s Concert, at St. The research team consists of Dr. Calli Lewis Chiu and Dr.