Government matters-american democracy in context edition 1st edition pdf

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Using the desktop approach the analysis shows that lack of audit process affects the promotion of accountability in the Nigerian public sector. The paper recommends the expanding roles of the auditors under a globalized environment especially Nigeria now requires an improvement and development of new techniques and methodologies of other disciplines in the discharge of their duties. It also recommends that there is also the urgent need to attract professionals like ICT experts, fraud experts, statisticians, forensic accountants and forensic auditors in the various audit departments in the country. Eze, National Institute for Legislative Studies, National Assembly, Abuja, Nigeria.

Auditing as a utilitarian discipline emanated as a response to offer credibility to the stewardship and accountability functions of financial accounting and in consequence, financial reporting. The issue of auditing becomes important principally as a result of the separation of ownership from management whether in public or private sector. Management on the other hand. Since every agency requires stewardship, management is obliged to periodically give report on how resources entrusted to them have been utilized. As we all know, man is primarily selfish and self-centered.

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