God the devil and harry potter pdf

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Click here for more information. However, the author of the series, J. Catholic writers and officials have voiced a critical stance. At least as much as they’ve been attacked from a theological point of view,” notes Rowling, ” have been lauded and taken into pulpit, and most interesting and satisfying for me, it’s been by several different faiths. The Nervous Witch” that declared “the Potter books open a doorway that will put untold millions of kids into hell. We’re taking something deadly from our world and turning it into what some are calling ‘merely a literary device. In an interview with CBN.

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Abanes remarked that, “One of the easiest ways to know whether a fantasy book or film has real world magick in it is to just ask a simple question, ‘Can my child find information in a library or bookstore that will enable them to replicate what they are seeing in the film or the book? It takes seconds to go into a bookstore or library and get books on that and start investigating it, researching it, and doing it. For all that do these thing are an abomination unto the LORD. If this were the only passage dealing with occultism, it would be enough to forbid all of the practices found in the Harry Potter series. Harry Potter Sparks Rise in Satanism Among Children,” which said that the “High Priest of Satanism” had described Harry Potter as “an absolute godsend to our cause. This article was copied into a chain letter and circulated among Christians as “proof” of their views. Rowling—or, as she shall henceforth be referred to and credited as, Mrs.