God hates us all book pdf

It is remarkable that Old Norse legend occasionally mentions certain men who, turning away in utter disgust and doubt from the heathen faith, placed their reliance on their own strength and virtue. Demiurge as a generally evil entity. Thus dystheism is normally used in reference to the Judeo-Christian God. Descartes never declared his “evil genius” to be omnipotent, but merely no less powerful than god hates us all book pdf is deceitful, and thus not explicitly an equivalent to God, the singular omnipotent deity.

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To me, the word connotes a heroic stance of humanistic affirmation and the courage to defy the powers that rule the universe. Their work notes God’s apparent evil or at least indifferent disinterest in the welfare of humanity, but does not express hatred towards him because of it. God as described in the Bible does exist, he is not fit for worship due to his low moral standards. Antitheism by this definition does not necessarily imply belief in any sort of god at all, it simply stands in opposition to the idea of theistic religion.

Under this definition, antitheism is a rejection of theism that does not necessarily imply belief in gods on the part of the antitheist. Some might equate any form of antitheism to an overt opposition to God, since these beliefs run contrary to the idea of making devotion to God the highest priority in life, although those ideas would imply that God exists, and that he wishes to be worshiped, or to be believed in. God in this world is actually an evil impostor, but that a true benevolent deity worthy of being called “God” exists beyond this world. God, who is supposedly omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent, would allow evil to exist in the world. In fact, the dystheistic option would be a consistent non-contradictory response to the problem of evil. Historically, the notion of “good” as an absolute concept has emerged in parallel with the notion of God being the singular entity identified with good. This world could not have been the work of an all-loving being, but that of a devil, who had brought creatures into existence in order to delight in the sight of their sufferings.

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