General theory of relativity book pdf

Einstein never thought of GR as “geometrizing” the gravitational field. He actively considered such an interpretation of the formalism, and rejected it. General theory of relativity book pdf, Einstein saw GR as unifying gravity and inertia.

The unification manifested in the geodesic equation. Interestingly, Einstein did not locate this unification in the field equations but in his interpretation of the geodesic equation, the law of motion of test particles. This is a featured article. Click here for more information. This article is a non-technical introduction to the subject. In Newton’s model, gravity is the result of an attractive force between massive objects.

Although even Newton was troubled by the unknown nature of that force, the basic framework was extremely successful at describing motion. Although general relativity is not the only relativistic theory of gravity, it is the simplest such theory that is consistent with the experimental data. Several physicists, including Einstein, searched for a theory that would reconcile Newton’s law of gravity and special relativity. Only Einstein’s theory proved to be consistent with experiments and observations. Since everything in the elevator is falling together, no gravitational effect can be observed. Roughly speaking, the principle states that a person in a free-falling elevator cannot tell that they are in free fall. Objects are falling to the floor because the room is resting on the surface of the Earth and the objects are being pulled down by gravity.

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