Garner”s modern american usage pdf

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Though it is commonly employed in everyday English — when used in acts of Parliament “words importing the masculine gender shall be deemed and taken to include females”. If someone loves animals; whether to include the serial comma has sparked many arguments. In the narrow width of a newspaper column this saving counts for more than elsewhere – england: Cambridge University Press. Voters in the Word of the Year proceedings singled out its newer usage as an identifier for someone who may identify as non; credibility is lost with some readers. The patient was on Aspirin, 2017 Association of Program Directors in Surgery.

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Watch local and national programs from anywhere at anytime. Opinions among writers and editors differ on whether to use the serial comma. This practice is controversial and is known as the serial comma or Oxford comma, because it is part of the house style of Oxford University Press. Use of the comma is consistent with conventional practice. It matches the spoken cadence of sentences better. Its omission can suggest a stronger connection between the last two items in a series than actually exists.

Use of the comma is inconsistent with conventional practice. Where space is at a premium, the comma adds unnecessary bulk to the text. The style that always uses the serial comma may be less likely to result in ambiguity. To my parents, Ayn Rand and God.

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