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Sarah Jakes, Jermaine Jakes, Cora Jakes, Jamar Jakes, Thomas Jakes Jr. He spent his teenage years caring for his invalid father and working in local industries. Free pdf books by td jakes took a job at the local Union Carbide and continued preaching part-time.

During this time he met his future wife, Serita Jamison. The couple married in May 1982. In 1982, Jakes became the pastor of the Greater Emanuel Temple of Faith, a small, Montgomery, West Virginia independent Pentecostal church with about ten members. Over the next few years, the church grew, drawing an integrated congregation that helped increase Jakes’ renown as a speaker and pastor.

He moved the church twice – from Montgomery to Smithers and then to South Charleston, where the congregation grew from about 100 members to over 300. During this time, he began a radio ministry The Master’s Plan that ran from 1982-1985. Watkins ordained Jakes as a minister of the Higher Ground Assembly and encouraged him to start a church in the Charleston, West Virginia area. 1990, and a Doctor of Ministry in Religious Studies from Friends International Christian University in 1995. After the 1990 move to Charleston, as his congregation grew, T. Jakes began to focus on the spiritual needs of the women in his church who had been abandoned and abused in their lives. He began a Sunday School class for them, “Woman, Thou Art Loosed,” in which he encouraged the women to use their past pain as a foundation for new growth.

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He later started a similar class for men, which he called “Manpower. In 1993, Jakes self-published his first book, drawing on his experiences working with the women of his congregation. Jakes’ signature work and a national religious bestseller. He also began a new television ministry, Get Ready, which aired on Black Entertainment Television and the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Also in 1993, Jakes moved his church yet again, to Cross Lanes, West Virginia. His ministry continued to expand, prompting the founding of the T.

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