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This article is about the musical system. The other tones in a tonal piece form in tonal music pdf all defined in terms of their relationship to the tonic.

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By the middle of the 20th century, it had become “evident that triadic structure does not necessarily generate a tone center, that non-triadic harmonic formations may be made to function as referential elements, and that the assumption of a twelve-tone complex does not preclude the existence of tone centers”. For example, “Sainsbury, who had Choron translated into English in 1825, rendered the first occurrence of tonalité as a ‘system of modes’ before matching it with the neologism ‘tonality’. Musical phenomena perceived or preinterpreted in terms of the categories of tonal theories. To function as a tonic, a chord must be either a major or a minor triad. Dominant function requires a major-quality triad with a root a perfect fifth above the affiliated tonic and containing the leading tone of the key.

This dominant triad must be preceded by a chord progression that establishes the dominant as the penultimate goal of a motion that is completed by moving on to the tonic. A dominant seventh chord always consist of a major triad with an added minor seventh above the root. The last of these progressions is characterized by “retrograde” harmonic motion. C Major, commonly-used chords will included d minor, F Major, G Major, etc.

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