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The more neutral republican form of address would translate as “Citizen”. Mister” and “Sir” are employed in English. Comrade Colonel”, “Comrade General”, “Comrade Sergeant”, or the like. The term is also used as part of idioms e. KMT member would say “Mr.

Chang is a loyal and reliable comrade. However, after the 1980s and the onset of China’s market-oriented reforms, this term has been moving out of such daily usage. It remains in use as a respectful term of public address among middle-aged Chinese and members of the Communist Party of China. At party or civil meetings, the usage of the term has been retained. 90 million party members to keep calling each other “comrades” instead of less egalitarian terms. These radical activists led consumer boycotts, organised anti-apartheid rallies and demonstrations, and intimidated those suspected of having ties to the South African government or security forces.

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The term predates modern political usage, and is an Arabic male proper name. This word literally translates as “friend”. It is usually used only with a political or historical meaning in connection with the Communists. It is also used commonly for as a word for friend. It translates as friend or colleague. In Communist times, it was the general form of address, also used in reference to schoolteachers etc. It is still in widespread use among communist and anarchist organisations, but it also occurs often in everyday speech to refer to neutral relationships such as classmates or flatmates with no political connotation.

The meaning of the word refers to a like-minded person. It is, through usage, associated with Communism, however, it may be used as a friendly epithet between friends or colleagues, mostly of the older generation. Today it is not used commonly. Serbian, but this use is far less frequent in Croatian.

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