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As with previous installments, gameplay revolves around positioning characters on a battlefield with the aim of defeating an opposing force. If characters are defeated in battle, they are removed from the rest of the game. Tellius is a continent inhabited by the humanoid Beorc and the shapeshifting Laguz. The game begins when the Beorc nation of Daein invades Crimea, a fellow Beorc nation. The protagonist, a mercenary named Ike, discovers Princess Elincia, the last heir to the throne of Crimea, and begins a journey to restore her to the throne.

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Ike and his group travel across Tellius to form alliances with the other countries and free Crimea from Daein’s control, confronting racial tensions and long-standing resentment between the Beorc and the Laguz along the way. The game is the first entry in the series to feature 3D graphics, full motion cutscenes, and voice acting. The series’ transition to 3D caused multiple difficulties for the developers. The localization team worked closely with Intelligent Systems to ensure the localization was as true to the original Japanese as possible.