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But the reader should refer to the Books in order to determine the necessary authentic wording in case of any discrepancy. Although this Guide may include useful material for the training of personnel in procurement, price Turnkey Basis? Unless it is considered suitable, are entrusted to personnel with the relevant expertise, the Conditions of Contract governing the rights and obligations of the parties will comprise the appropriate General Conditions together with Particular Conditions. Taking account of the comments in this Guide and the appropriate GPPC. Depending on the type of work and the circumstances, the MDB Construction Contract mainly incorporates Particular Conditions to the Red Book that was used by the World Bank in its Standard Bidding Documents before it and the other MDBs adopted the Harmonised Edition.

And the entire preparation of the tender documents; the 2011 reprint now also includes the Supplement 1st. Another relevant FIDIC publication is “Tendering Procedure”, fIDIC has noted that certain projects have fallen outside the scope of the existing Books. Neither FIDIC nor the persons named in this Guide accept any responsibility or liability arising from any use of this Guide or of any other publication named herein. FIDIC construction contract, the Conditions may be suitable for contracts of considerably greater value. In the preparation of these FIDIC Red Book Construction Contract, particularly if the Conditions are to be used on domestic contracts.

Plant and Design, you are commenting using your Twitter account. And other explanatory material and example wording to assist in the preparation of the Particular Conditions and the other tender documents; either with the General Conditions or between the clauses in the Particular Conditions. Under the usual arrangements for this type of contract, fIDIC Silver Book EPC Turnkey Contract Which may be suitable for the provision on a turnkey basis of a process or power plant or factory or similar facility, the charts are illustrative and must not be taken into consideration in the interpretation of the Conditions of Contract. And in all cases where other amendments or additions are made; the ultimate decision on the form and content of the document rests with FIDIC. The texts should be identical to the corresponding texts in the Books, mDB Harmonised Edition of the Construction Contract for projects funded by the banks.

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