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COMPARATIVE POLITICS: WHAT IS AND WHY IS IT NECESSARY? Politics among Nations: The Struggle for Power and Peace’. He identifies a different class of realism. POLITICS IS GOVERNED BY OBJECTIVE LAWS, INHERITED IN HUMAN NATURE. Politics is governed by objective laws that are inherited in human nature. So, realism must develop a rational theory that reflects these objective laws. He also says that laws of politics are permanent and unchanging as these are inherited in human nature.

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Hence, the theory of politics developed hundreds of thousands of years ago must not be discarded and outmoded. However, each and every theories of politics must be subjected to dual test of: reason and experience. For realism, a theory of politics is meaningful if it consists ascertaining facts and convey meaning through reason. POLITICS IS ALL ABOUT POWER. Second principles views that realists believe that power is the main articulation of political interest, a philosophy which can be tested observing the actions of Statesmen throughout history. Realists assume that statesmen think and act in terms of interest defined in terms of power.

Through this assumption, a realist retraces the actions taken in past, or taking in present, or will take in future. The concerns with ideological preferences. But, it is not possible to predict their actions with the help of one clue. This is true in both cases: moral and political. One cannot conclude from the good intentions of a statesmen that his foreign policies will be either morally praiseworthy or politically successful.

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