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When you need editor de archivos pdf online gratis than just backup. Backup All your PCs, Macs and Mobile devices into ONE account. Your best defence against ransomware.

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Does your backup service seed your initial backup, via Express service, in a week or less? Unlimited Backup plans are not sustainable over the long run. Switch to the most generous limited backup plan ever and backup all your devices into ONE account! Data loss can have a significant impact on business operations and it may happen due to any number of reasons. Natural calamity, accidents or even simple human errors can cause your data to be lost forever! Hence having a data backup solution in place is imperative. Here’s where a cloud backup solution like IDrive can help you.

From scalability and increased productivity to cost savings and skilled resource utilization, cloud backup provides numerous advantages. However, despite these testified benefits, some businesses are still skeptical to take the plunge. We understand that not everybody needs the entire storage space of their account to store data. And that probably is the reason why most business owners shy away from signing up for a cloud account. To tackle this issue, we offer a very practical feature – Sub-accounts! If you want to share your cloud storage space with your associates, business departments or personal contacts, IDrive online backup has a Sub-account feature. It allows you to create unlimited Sub-accounts, within your storage space and monitor them using a single administrator console.

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