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Ищете безлимитное хранилище для Doctor who magazine special edition pdf файлов? Мы предлагаем ftp загрузку, мульти и удаленную загрузку файлов. 23 November 2013, in both 2D and 3D. London rather than allow an alien invasion.

Time War, he hides his war-torn home planet in time, rather than destroy it. Unfortunately the time distortions incurred causes all but his latest incarnation to have no memory of his changed decision. As the episode celebrates fifty years of the programme, it references and alludes to various concepts featured throughout the show’s run. She and the Doctor die as the ship crashes on Karn. They persuade the Doctor to take action to end the Time War, offering him a selection of potions to control his regeneration. The Last Day” is filmed from the first-person perspective of a Gallifreyan soldier who has had a camera implanted in his head. The soldiers scan for Daleks at Arcadia, Gallifrey’s second city and believed due to its impregnable defences to be the safest place on the Time Lords’ home planet.

During training exercises, a blurred object in the sky is identified shockingly as the first of a fleet of successfully invading Daleks, which kill the soldiers. The “Fall of Arcadia” becomes the central battle of the Time War around which “The Day of the Doctor” is centred. While examining the paintings, a fissure in time opens above them and the Doctor jumps into it. The Moment prop as shown at the Doctor Who Experience. It questions whether mass killing is the best option for ending the Time War and prescribes the Doctor’s punishment if he does so — he will survive while the rest of his race dies.

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