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Los Angeles’ Llewellyn Iron Works. Fowler Hamilton, a Wall Street lawyer with experience in government service during the Roosevelt and Truman administrations. September 19 National Intelligence Estimate had concluded it unlikely that nuclear missiles would be placed on the island. After the Bay of Pigs, Kennedy wanted the project stopped because david halberstam the best and the brightest pdf was too soon for another debacle.

The problem is that once you encourage and arm a group of highly motivated locals, you can’t just turn them off. Trujillo’s enemies gunned him down dramatically, though technically speaking without U. His replacement didn’t last long before the CIA turned on him, looking for greater stability and allegiance. Kennedy to allow the coup to proceed. Specifically I feel that we must conduct our bombing attacks in a manner that will begin to hurt North Vietnam badly enough to cause the Hanoi regime to seek a political way out through negotiation rather than expose their economy to increasingly serious levels of destruction. By limiting our attacks to targets like bridges, military installations and lines of communication, in effect we signal to the Communists that our determination to win is significantly modified by our fear of widening the war. If this situation develops and lasts several months or more, I feel world opinion will turn against us, Communist propaganda will become increasingly effective, and indeed domestic support of our policy may erode.

I therefore urge that as we deploy additional troops, which I believe necessary, we concurrently hit the north harder and inflict greater damage. I am not talking about bombing centers of population or killing innocent people, though there will of course be some casualties. I am proposing to “tighten the tourniquet” on North Vietnam so as to make the Communists pause to weigh the losses they are taking against their prospects for gains. We should make it hard for the Viet Cong to win in the south and simultaneously hard for Hanoi to endure our attacks in the north.

I believe this course of action holds out the greatest promise we can hope for in our effort to attain our ultimate objective of finding a political solution to the Vietnam problem. Johnson Library, National Security File, Country File, Vietnam, Vol. He was 89 years old. Random House, 1991, 72-73, 105, 120. Stansfield Turner, Burn Before Reading: Presidents, CIA Directors, and Secret Intelligence, 2005, Chapter Four, “John F.