Data abstraction and problem solving using c++ solution manual pdf

This study was designed to investigate the incidence as well as the specific combinations of strategy data abstraction and problem solving using c++ solution manual pdf which differentiate the performance of students with and without learning difficulties. 14-year-olds of average intelligence, subdivided into 342 normal achievers and 284 students with learning difficulties. Six problem-solving tasks measured specific components of strategy use which are critical for learning: efficiency, flexibility, and methods of applying strategies.

Students were also required to identify and explain the strategies they had used to solve specific items and tasks. Results indicated a significantly higher incidence of problem-solving weaknesses in the students with learning difficulties. These group differences were similar for the three age-levels. Findings highlighted the problems experienced by students with learning difficulties when they were required to shift flexibly among alternatives strategies, to attend selectively to salient details, and to provide appropriate explanations for their problem-solving approaches. Identification of students’ problem-solving strategies provides a promising perspective for addressing learning style, reducing school failure, and enhancing school success. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Support for this research was provided, in part, by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as well as a grant from the Office of Special Education.

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