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By refining bases into gold, the alchemist believed that immortal life would be delivered if the “fake” or synthetic gold was ingested. It d d alchemy recipes pdf a superior essence when compared to natural gold. They were believed to have longevity and could elongate the life of the consumer. It was used in the search for immortality because of the special significance of its colour, and the difficulty with which it was refined.

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The colour of the cinnabar is significant to symbolic belief as well. The colour red in Chinese culture is considered to be the “zenith of the colour representing the sun, fire, royalty and energy. This substance was ingested but it could also be combined with sulphur and burned again to return to its natural form of cinnabar. In China gold was quite rare, so it was usually imported from other surrounding countries. However, cinnabar could be refined in the mountains of Szechuan and Hunan Provinces in central China. The rhinoceros’ horn was commonly used in medicines and elixirs and was held to have fertility-increasing abilities. Elixirs were composed of metallic compounds such as gold and silver, but they could also be made of more lethal components like arsenic, and sulphur.

Both the Eastern practice of alchemy and the later Western practice are remarkably similar in their methods and ultimate purpose. To be sure, the desire to create an elixir of immortality was more appealing to the Taoists, but European alchemists were not averse to seeking out formulas for various longevity-boosting substances. The secret of transmuting one element into another, specifically base metals into gold or silver, was equally explored by both schools for obvious reasons. In the European outlook, the ability to turn relatively worthless materials into gold was attractive enough to allow medieval alchemy to enjoy extensive practice long after the Chinese form had been forgotten. Alternatively, transmutation was also a means of accruing the precious metals that were key in making life-extending elixirs, and were otherwise expensive and difficult to obtain. Alchemical knowledge in the East and West favor different opinions of the true form of alchemy due to different theological views and cultural biases, however these disputes do not lessen the integrity of alchemy’s canonical nature.

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