Combine multiple excel sheets into one pdf using vba

Save multiple sheets to . I have combine multiple excel sheets into one pdf using vba reporting spreadsheet that grabs some data from a database and forms three sheets of summary report information.

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3A8 8 0 0 0 1. 77 0 0 1 4. At first I thought I could have a VBA macro on the sheet do this by a series of “print as PDF”, but that requires an intermediary interactive dialog box to specify the output file name. Then I find that I can just save as pdf, and the macro can set the output file name. However this creates three separate files, and I have to then later put them together externally to merge them. It is odd that save as pdf only saves one sheet, where other save modes seem to save the entire workbook.

Yes, there are tools for merging the three files later, but I want to know if there is some easy way to get Excel to save multiple sheets together as one pdf file. Use comments to ask for more information or suggest improvements. Avoid answering questions in comments. The ability to select an array of sheets worked out wonderfully. To break that, you have to edit the sheet properties in VBA. Will this work with Excel 2003, too?

Have a look at scenario 3, any idea what setting could trigger that? Similar to DV0062, this will only works for 1 document at a time though, use this tool to convert a vertical range to horizontal and vice versa. Left or Right of the cell contents – this is sometimes pain and time, and the macro can set the output file name. You can even treat this page as a tutorial for Extools and Extools RX Excel add, using XML to Define an Office Add, actually I get a syntax error on 2010. Create a list of worksheet names in a workbook.

Actually I get a syntax error on 2010. If” in “End If” but my edit was rejected. Leaving multiple sheets in a selected state may cause problems executing some code. In Excel 2013 simply select multiple sheets and do a “Save As” and select PDF as the file type.

The multiple pages will open in PDF when you click save. VBA solution requested, as above. Not the answer you’re looking for? Excel: How do you select ALL sheets in an array? I have a macro that creates individual PDFs for a set of tabs. Is there a way to add a step and combine all the PDFs into one file? Recommended way to embed PDF in HTML?