Chrome how to save page as pdf

How to Split a PDF Document by Page Without Adobe Acrobat, Using Google Chrome. This How To instructs chrome how to save page as pdf user on how to split a PDF document by page using Google Chrome.

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Disclaimer: This method will not work on PDF types not supported by the Chrome PDF viewer. The Chrome viewer will almost always give a warning that certain features will not display without Adobe Reader, but this message can most often be ignored safely. Install Google Chrome if you haven’t already. Navigate to the chrome plugins page and ensure that the Chrome PDF Viewer is enabled.

Navigate to the PDF either via web address or by loading a pdf from your machine. If the pdf is out on the internet, simply go to the right place. If the pdf is on your computer, open an explorer window and navigate to the folder that the pdf is in. Drag and drop the document onto the Chrome window. On the PDF toolbar pictured below, click the printer icon on the far right.

You’ll probably have to put your mouse pointer to the bottom for the menu to appear. Change the pages radio button from all to the button next to the text field. Proceed to enter into the text box the pages that you wish to assemble into a new document. The pictured page set would assemble 5 pages into the new document.

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Unless you do it purposefully. Web pages that offer a print friendly layout will benefit from this option. Is this article up to date? Where should it direct within a website account? Headers and footers, you can convert web pages to PDF from popular browsers like Internet Explorer, you may need to experiment a little.