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People gather at teahouses to chat, socialize, and enjoy tea, and young chaya novel pdf free download often meet at teahouses for dates. China especially in Nepal’s Himalayas.

Before tea was used as a social drink, Buddhist Monks drank tea as an aid to their meditation. During the Chinese adaptation of Buddhism between 200 C. Chinese teahouses provided a new kind of social life for the Chinese during the 8th-9th centuries C. However, these establishments only served tea incidentally, and were instead dedicated to geisha entertainment or to providing discreet rooms for visitors. This usage is now archaic. In Central Asia the term teahouse could refer to Shayhana in Kazakh, Chaykhana in Kyrgyz and Choyxona in Uzbek, which literally means a tea room.

2700th anniversary on September 2006. These teahouses usually serve several beverages in addition to tea. Tea drinking is a pastime closely associated with the English. In the UK today, a tea room is a small room or restaurant where beverages and light meals are served, often having a sedate or subdued atmosphere. Tea rooms are popular in Commonwealth countries, particularly Canada, with its harsh winters, when afternoon tea is popular. Tea is commonly consumed in other Commonwealth countries alone or in the British fashion. It seems that having a separate teahouse was a tradition in many countries in Europe.

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