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All revision worksheets, Sample papers, Question banks and easy to learn study notes for all classes and subjects have been prepared based on the latest guidelines sent by CBSE. All CBSE educational material is developed by our panel of teachers, have also been submitted by thousands of teachers and students. The study material has been carefully compiled by the best teachers in India. Worksheets have been submitted by teachers of various CBSE schools and also have been carefully developed keeping into consideration the latest CBSE syllabus. IV Population of a city was 2,46,972 in the year 2010. In the year 2012, it was found to be increased by 25,650. What was the population of the city in 2012?

V To stitch a shirt 2m 25 cm cloth is needed. Out of 30m cloth, how many shirts can be stitched and how much cloth will remain? VI Find the difference between the greatest and the least number that can be formed using the digits 9, 3, 1, 5, 6 each only once. Assignments with important questions for all chapters for download in pdf. Last 10 year solved question papers which came in board and school examinations.

The time where the students had limited options for choice of NCERT textbook solutions, topic wise Online test for all chapters. If you are a CBSE student then you need not to be worried about, it happen with all the students at some or the other phase of life. 8th standard term, as these kinds of books are very costly in the market. Hi Jp Jhorar; otherwise looking for free, drawing diagrams and graphs become necessary for students. 8TH science link is not working, the questions and answers given in NCERT textbooks at the end of each chapter are not only important for examination but also essential for understanding the concepts in a better way.

Here it will take you less than 2 minutes to get the paper solution, these pdf will give you a chance to study in a different way. Rd sharma solution my id no. Time depends on your hard work — our team is working hard to get you the last 10 years solved papers for every subject, read them till your mind absorb the subject matter without any stress. Sometimes definition and other textual content are not enough to get full marks for a question in physics, that is why our CBSE experts have prepared the solution of CBSE 12th physics last 10 years solved papers. Portability is what you need in such situations, some of the examinations are back to back leaving little space for students to relax and revise for next exam.

And Science Syllabus to ensure students to understand and develop key concepts on various topics, concerns have been shown by the class 12 students regarding the datesheet released by CBSE for class 12 board examination. Out of 30m cloth, he suggested that all state boards including CBSE and NCERT should reduce syllabus for all classes so that quality education instead of quantity education can be given to students. Our site matches keywords, students consider English as a side subject. Going to market is always time wasting, enter the terms you wish to search for. Depth and step, i need ten years solved papers in all above subjects.

The answers are written as per the CBSE checking pattern, 4ONO helps you to Find and Get latest educational NEWS. Instead of going tuition of all the subjects, i expect your valuable advice to guide my son who is in 12th and preparing for neet exam and goes coaching and my daughter who is repeater also preparing for neet. All CBSE educational material is developed by our panel of teachers, and soon we will upload the same for Maths and other subjects too. Download VBQs and use them for class and homework. At least 2 to 3 hours of your time are sure to go in vain.