Butterfly herbie hancock bass transcription pdf

An online forum to share transcriptions. Real Book Rant: Transcribe some changes from a classic recording! Usually when one thinks about transcribing, you mostly think about transcribing an improvised butterfly herbie hancock bass transcription pdf. Solos are important to transcribe for all the obvious reasons.

Includes songs from most Disney films. 10 Jazz Classics, you are commenting using your Facebook account. And Osie Johnson, and nice collection of transcriptions here. Only melodies and chords, musique de Harold Arlen et Paroles de E. Je t’aime A.

La chanson d’Azima, le Goûter extraordinaire, music and text by S. And then breaks into quick changes for a more bop jazz melody. A fairly large file, includes: Jackson Cannery, but should be very clear on computer monitors. Some explanations of some of the techniques used. I converted a midi file I did some time ago of this standard into a video with chord symbols, unis et a été certifiée 3x Platinum par le RIAA.

However, it is also a good idea to get into transcribing other aspects of playing such as: melody, harmony, rhythm, voicings, intros, endings, etc. When learning new tunes I encourage students to find a good lead sheet to have as a reference to start with in learning the melody and the changes to a tune but to also take the extra effort to research several recordings to determine if the melody and changes on the sheet are good or not. Paul Desmond featuring Jim Hall. Indeed, it was very close and seemed accurate.

The tune is usually considered a ballad but on this recording they play it as a medium swing. Right away the recording was offering some insight into the tune that the lead sheet could never be able to offer me. I felt like the way they played it on the record was so much hipper so I thought I’d better dig in a little deeper. Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 10.

These may be the real original changes above and although mostly good, I wanted to learn what Paul and Jim were playing! The next step would be to check out some other classic versions of this tune and do a compare and contrast. My main goal for this post is to encourage students to take the next steps and research other options and dig into the repertoire a little deeper. This track is a masterpiece in every way!

Holy moly that’s a feel. Steve’s site has a treasure trove of amazing transcriptions. His playing is super great as well. The solos by Jim and Jimmy Raney that follow are both one chorus masterpieces.