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If you wish to read the summary of the story of Ramayana, at ease stories i tell to friends pdf down. If you wish to download the complete Ramayana as pdf, use the links below. All the files are in pdf format. Right-click and choose Save As to download.

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Who Gets to Have Free Speech? Are Christians Really Sex Obsessed? Below the ebook versions, links to sites where you can purchase print versions are given. Print versions of the Ramayana are also available on Flipkart in India and Amazon in the US. Dasharatha is the son of Aja, and a descendant of Raghu and Dilipa. Kausalya gives birth to Rama, Dasharatha’s eldest son. Sumitra gives birth to Lakshmana and Shatrugana.

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Kaikeyi gives birth to Bharatha. The four sons grow up into fine young men and are tutored by the greatest rishis, including Vasishtha, the raja guru. Rama marries Sita, the daughter of Janaka, the king of Videha. In legend, Sita is said to be the daughter of Bhudevi or mother earth, and Janaka is said to have found her while tilling the land.

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