Assessment of fixed asset management pdf

Valuation of Fixed Assets mainly purpose on mergers and acquisition, Financial Reporting under Indian GAAP, IFRS and US GAAP, Investment Banking Firms, Impairment Studies, Cost Investigation, Disinvestment. Complete understanding of valuation purpose. Collection of data and documents and assessment of fixed asset management pdf. Physical inspection of subject assets.

Market survey and collection of data pertinent to the valuation exercise. Collection of technical details for the subject assets. Analysis of technical data and the supporting information. Assessment of balance economic life of the subject assets. Determination of valuation parameters, methodology, basis of valuation and key assumptions.

Estimation of market value of the subject assets in situ and as is where is basis. Preparation of a report outlining methodologies employed and assumptions utilized in analysis. Submission of the final report. Valuation of Fixed Assets of Nandurbur and Kutch plants of Suzlon Structures Ltd.

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