Ambush surprise attack in ancient greek warfare pdf

This directly inspired the development of modern guerrilla warfare. Guerrilla warfare was also a common strategy of the various Celtic, Iberian and Germanic tribes that the Romans faced. British war chief, employed guerrilla warfare ambush surprise attack in ancient greek warfare pdf the Romans for approximately 8 years, mixed in with occasional set piece battles.

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Mongols from setting a permanent hold of their territory and driving them off. Skanderbeg fought a guerrilla war against invading armies up to 20 times larger than his, by using the mountainous terrain to his advantage. He harassed the vast Ottoman army with small “hit and run” units, as well as using feint retreats followed by sudden counterattacks, and other tactics unknown in warfare up to then. Italy, could easily have served as a springboard to the rest of Europe. Vlad was unable to stop the Turks from entering Wallachia, so he resorted to guerrilla war, constantly organizing small attacks and ambushes on the Turks.

Poland guerrilla tactics were applied. In the mid 17th century the Colonists of New France were in conflict with the Iroquois Confederacy. Iroquois forces used hit and run tactics, harassment and avoided costly pitched battles. The colonists of New France began calling these Indian tactics La Petite Guerre because the tactics were meant for raiding as opposed to pitched battles. Under the tutelage of Wendake, Wobanaki, Algonquin and Ottawa tutors the habitants of New France learned La Petite Guerre and successfully used them against the Iroquois. La Petite Guerre to New England and the Ohio Valley.