Aircraft avionics black and grey pdf

The Su-17 set a number of world aircraft avionics black and grey pdf. The new wing also had extensive leading-edge slats and trailing-edge flaps.

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Su-7IG first flew on 2 August 1966 with V. Ilyushin at the controls, becoming the first Soviet variable geometry aircraft. Aside from the new wing, it differed from its predecessor Su-7 in having a new canopy and a dorsal fuselage spine for additional fuel and avionics. The Su-17 first flew on 1 July 1969 with E. A total of 2,867 Su-17 and its variants were built, of which 1,165 were exported to 15 nations. High-altitude airfields and hot dusty climate created special operational challenges.

In the summer, the takeoff roll of the Su-17 increased 1. 5-fold and landings frequently ended with burst tires and brake fires. Avionics failures were common due to heat and sand contamination. The first-series Su-17s were quickly replaced with more capable Su-17M3 and Su-17M4. Although external armor was added around the engine, hydraulics, and fuel systems based on damage analysis, this was still insufficient compared to dedicated close air support Su-25s. Su-17s to even higher operational altitudes. 1985 only one Soviet Su-17 was lost to ground fire.

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