Advanced placement economics macroeconomics student resource manual pdf 4-1

This chapter explores the power of personality traits both as predictors and as causes of academic and economic success, health, and advanced placement economics macroeconomics student resource manual pdf 4-1 activity. Measured personality is interpreted as a construct derived from an economic model of preferences, constraints, and information. An extreme version of the situationist view claims that there are no stable personality traits or preference parameters that persons carry across different situations.

Those who hold this view claim that personality psychology has little relevance for economics. The biological and evolutionary origins of personality traits are explored. Personality measurement systems and relationships among the measures used by psychologists are examined. The predictive power of personality measures is compared with the predictive power of measures of cognition captured by IQ and achievement tests. For many outcomes, personality measures are just as predictive as cognitive measures, even after controlling for family background and cognition. Moreover, standard measures of cognition are heavily influenced by personality traits and incentives.

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