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Although an ever expanding research base supports the theory, very limited data exist supporting the theory among military personnel, a group that has experienced a rapid increase in suicides during the past several years. The current study tests the interpersonal-psychological theory in two clinical samples of military acss acquired capability 2008 pdf while deployed to Iraq: those seeking treatment for mild traumatic brain injury, and those seeking outpatient mental health treatment. In both samples, perceived burdensomeness and acquired capability were significantly associated with suicidality, as was their interaction term.

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Results partially support the interpersonal-psychological theory of suicide, and indicate that perceptions of burdensomeness combined with fearlessness about death are associated with increased suicidality among deployed military personnel. Tested interpersonal-psychological theory of suicide in 2 clinical samples of deployed military. Interaction of perceived burdensomeness, acquired capability associated with suicidality. Thwarted belongingness unrelated to suicidality. Results same across both samples.

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