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C677T ace against odds free pdf download polymorphisms can be seen as candidate genes for glioma on the basis of their biological functions and their involvement in different cancers. D polymorphism in glioma patients in our population. We tested genotype distribution of 112 glioma patients against 141 cancer-free controls from the same region.

Kaplan-Meier survival analysis was performed to evaluate overall survival of patients for both genes. ACE DD genotypes were highly presented in glioma cases 26. 5-fold risk for predisposition in glioma cases. ACE DD genotypes had the least estimated overall survival of 13. 4 months in comparison to 21. D polymorphism plays a vital role in predisposition of higher risk for glioma.

We also suggest that ACE DD genotypes may act as an important predictive biomarker for overall survival of glioma patients. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. These authors contributed equally to this work. 2017 Published by Elsevier B. D is a strong candidate to influence exceptional longevity worldwide. D-allele and DD genotype confer some selective advantage that contributes to reach exceptional longevity.

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