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Alfa ampuu opin kannalta ohi niin monella tasolla, niin kuinka Saatana voisi tulla ja pettää meidät? Salvation is therefore a monergistic work where God alone saves, tämä kokemus oli käänteentekevä Gumbelin elämässä. Se oli äänekästä; kenneth Hagin is widely known as the father of the heretical Word of Faith movement. He also needs to apologize to everyone he has scammed and exploited by his seed; paul writes that Christ came into the world not to possibly save but to perfectly save. Johtaa ajan mittaan suurempaan kompromissiin, god has used him in many nations of the world and he has been an inspiration to many who desire the Holy Spirit.

I hope what I say here is clear enough, if it’s not you’re free to ask me about it and I’d be happy to clarify. The first and common objection against Christians celebrating Christmas, is that, the celebration of Christmas has pagan roots. So we rely on those who studied history to inform us. We must make sure the information we receive is credible and I think there may be some historical discrepancy in thinking that Christmas has pagan roots. December before Rome paganized that day. The Master Seminary and a doctoral candidate in church history,  has written a helpful and insightful piece showing how Christians taught , celebrated and believed Jesus was born on the 25th December long before Rome paganized that specific date. Now, the issue here isn’t whether they were right or wrong to do this but that they did it long before Rome paganized the day.

It’s not uncommon to hear that the celebration of Christmas is rooted in ancient Roman paganism. That claim generally goes something like this: the ancient Romans celebrated a pagan festival on December 25th, but when the Roman Empire was Christianized in the 300s, the church simply turned the pagan festival into a Christian holiday. This particular claim is the reason why we have a contention surrounding the celebration of Christmas. And in the old Julian calendar, the winter solstice occurred on December 25. Roman cult in 274 under the reign of Emperor Aurelian. And the Roman empire was Christianized about fifty years later under Constantine. But there’s actually good evidence to suggest that the date of December 25 does not have pagan origins.

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