5th edition character sheet pdf

Your web browser may be malfunctioning. Your internet connection may be unreliable. New look for Character Sheet Download your free copy here. Need more room to enter all of 5th edition character sheet pdf information?

Need a reference sheet listing the features for your class? UPDATE – Need more room to enter all of your information? Other than the new look I also added a few things. I added a fourth page just for notes. Many have complained that there wasn’t enough room for all the notes you needed.

Or you could use it for your character background. I use this to keep track of my character sheets. I print a new sheet after my character goes up a level, and sometime more often. Before I print it I give it a new number. Or if you have more than one character you may want to note which one this is. The character name is now on each sheet and it is bigger. There is now a spot for listing Rogue’s sneak attack, Barbarian ranges, Monk ki points and Monk martial arts.

Total weight carried now works. It adds up the weight of all the items listed above. Below the number of cantrips known there is now a space for number of spells known or available and for sorcery points. Weapons areas, the text boxes overlap the title boxes resulting in poor readability. I don’t really see any problem with it, but I worked over the form text fields.

That new one covers that problem quite well. I left a list of other problems I found and duplicated this comment there, so you can ignore point 1. If you can clean up the Background section, you’ve got a winner. I haven’t seen any other sheet that comes close to yours. Really appreciate the time and effort you have put into these, thank you so much. Thank you very much for your in-depth comment. Hopefully, this will help those who are having trouble with the text not always lining up.

I am on a PC running Windows 10 and, although I use Acrobat to edit the files, I find that they look best when I use my default PDF reader which is PDF-XChange Viewer. I would appreciate it if you would try it out using this program. If there is still a problem then it may be an installed fonts issue. D as much as I do.

I am afraid that all my magic tricks are limited to the tabletop. I especially love the built-in calculations. Dex as the primary ability that would be very handy. This is an easy change and I will definitely include it in the next update. Hey Ronny, I just found your site and I have to say it is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to learn new rules and brush up my skills.