2014 nyc energy conservation code pdf

The New York City Energy and Water Performance Map maps benchmarking data across the city, allowing viewers to see data by individual buildings, building type, building size, and year built. 2014 nyc energy conservation code pdf LL84 Data Disclosure Definitions.

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In partnership with academic researchers, the City has released reports analyzing observations and trends from the data over the years. Energy and Water Use Report Cover 2017. Since 2009, DCAS has worked with 28 agencies to benchmark roughly 4,000 buildings, including libraries, police stations, firehouses, schools, courthouses, health, community and family centers, and government offices. Benchmarking measures the total electricity, natural gas, district steam and heating fuel oil consumed in a building and adjusts for other factors so that the City can understand which facilities are operating inefficiently.

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This information allows the City to prioritize buildings for energy efficiency investments and to monitor building performance over time. 2013 Annual LL84 Municipal Report. Extensive analysis of benchmarking data has been conducted by researchers. Below is a list of publications.

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